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UMA Hub Studios


You want to create your own podcast? We got you! We offer everything you need to create your own professional podcasts. Apart from soundproof surroundings, we also have microphones and a green screeen


We love music! You too?! As musicians ourselves, we love to make music at our studio. The space is perfect for rehearsals or recordings. We are fully equipped for all of your musical desires.


You need a professional environment with full control over professional lights and sounds? You will love to work in our studio! Find the best equipment to create your own videos. You can rent our cameras or bring your own.


You just need a silent space to focus on your postproductions for photos, videos or any other? Use our big production desk to focus on your work. Equipped with superfast internet and all needed apps on our iMac.


You are looking for a space to take photos with / for your client as a professional photographer. We got you! Apart from the professional space for photography, you can make your postproduction on site.


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Studio jetzt buchen!

Find out more about UMA Hub Studios and our passion for creative workspaces. We offer inspiring environments for your podcast, video or photo shoots. Book your access to UMA Hub Studios now, from as little as 2 hours.

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