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Our Purpose

To succeed we need to support each 
other and collaborate.

Let‘s make acceleration possible together. 

Be part of it.

  • Community
    Work and network with like-minded entrepreneurs to unlock the opportunity for more value.
  • Coworking Space
    Enough friction, now it‘s time to over-perform. Take advantage of our secure and flexible workplace adapted to your individual needs.
  • Acceleration Program
    Whether a brilliant idea or already established. We support you and bring your business in rocket speed to the target.
  • Events
    With frequent events, we provide you with knowledge and expertise. Benefit from workshops, seminars and entertainment.
  • Consultancy for TechStartups
    We offer consulting services for the successful market entry of tech startups. From setting up a company, marketing strategies to defining the target group, we are there to help you.


Why UMA Hub

 Have you ever worked at a place and realized that nearly no one 
  in the room is like-minded? 
  No worries, no friction.

Focus only to reach best performance.

Get in touch with a great community and collaborate with founders like you!

How we help

Get to know us and our big idea! We do everything possible for   
  you, to avert friction. With our strong network of start-up motivated 
  people, investors and founders we are at your side. While you are 
  doing your stuff, we do the rest!



What is possible

You can be part of a place with like-minded people, having similar  goals and mindsets. Work next to each other, get to know our 
  international community and find your business partner, business 
  angel and learn in workshops and seminars from the best in the 

Meet the Team

Two natives from your familiar surroundings.

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