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Book your Student Room now

Welcome to the UMA Hub student room

- your perfect environment for learning and working! Here you can rent a room for up to 8 people, gain access quickly and easily with your student ID and pay conveniently online.

In addition to the quiet workspace, you also have free access to the room of silence / prayer room. Simply upload your student ID online, reserve and pay and get started right away. Everything in the UMA Hub student room is designed to give you the best possible learning environment. If you're ever thirsty or hungry, you can also get 20% off all drinks in the UMA Hub with your student ID. We know your worries as a student and have thought about them so that you can focus on learning. Rent your room now and experience learning in a completely new way in the UMA Hub student room!

1. quiet learning environment:

Quiet is paramount in our facility. We understand how important it is to focus on your studies and provide you with a peaceful atmosphere that is free from distracting noise.

2. perfect learning conditions:

Ergonomic furniture, good lighting and powerful wifi connections create the ideal conditions for effective learning and working.

3. community of like-minded people:

Meet other dedicated students who also appreciate a quiet learning environment. Here you can exchange ideas, learn from each other and succeed together.

4. central location:

Our student room is in a central location to provide you with convenient accessibility to campus and other important facilities.

Student Room

In the midst of lively university life, we have created the perfect retreat to escape the noise and bustle. Our student room offers a quiet environment specifically designed for focused study. Above are some reasons why our student room is the ideal solution for you:

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